School contact Info

School contacts ,
Thank you in advance for taking the extra time to make our 4th Annual Film Festival a success!

Here are a few things you need to know:

  • As a school contact you are their support system during this process.  Join the Google Classroom with the code 93w19p9 to stay updated on tips.
  • Students will need to have the parent permission form signed. The student will return it to you. Send this form in the district mail to Nichole Allmann at R2I2.
  • Once the student has their script approved by you go ahead and complete the Entry Form with the student. This needs to be submitted by December 16th. An email will be sent to the school contact and student with a submission number once the entry form has been submitted. Please allow 3 days to receive the submission number.
  • Your role as a school contact is to give support to the student. Since the film festival is opened to K-12 the needs of the students will vary.
  • Once the video is published in WeVideo the student will receive an email with the link to the video.  If the student is not using WeVideo to create the video, the student should store the video in their Google Drive and share the link.  

This link needs to be included in the Submission Form.

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