School Contact Info

School contacts ,
Thank you in advance for taking the extra time to make our 5th Annual Film Festival a success!

Here are a few things you need to know:

  • As a school contact you are their support system during this process.  Join the Google Classroom with the code 93w19p9 to stay updated on tips.
  • Students will need to have the parent permission form signed. Cast members will also need to have a permission slip signed and returned. The student will return all forms to you. Send this form in the district mail to Nichole Allmann at R2I2.
  • Complete the Interest Form with the student. This needs to be submitted by December 16th. An email will be sent to the school contact and student with a submission number once the entry form has been submitted. Please allow 3 days to receive the submission number.
  • Your role as a school contact is to give support to the student. Since the film festival is opened to K-12 the needs of the students will vary. Review their script and storyboard to ensure they are following the guidelines and rules discussed on the website.
  • Assist the student with publishing his or her video on YouTube. This link needs to be included in the Submission Form.