Use the following checklist to guide you through a successful Film Festival event.
Film Festival Checklist
  • All videos must be in accordance with all school policies regarding public releases and school guidelines.
  • All students entering must have a Richland 2 employee to sponsor them through the process.
  • All students must have a signed parent/guardian permission form agreeing to allow their child to participate in this event. Parent Permission Form

You will receive a submission number once this is received. The submission number will need to be included in your video. Videos will not be accepted if this initial entry form is not completed. Interest Form

 All videos must be in compliance with all copyright rules and restrictions. Copyrighted materials must be credited at the end of each video.

 If you plan to have a cast in your film, a cast member permission form must be completed for every student being filmed.

All videos must include the following information:
• video title
• submission number (given when the initial entry form is completed)

Videos must be a minimum of 1 minute with a maximum of 3 minutes total in length. Videos exceeding 3 minutes will be disqualified.

Explicit content is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to blood, gore, cursing, weapons, etc.

Videos can be created with any video app.  You must upload your video to YouTube so that you can submit the link to your video with the submission form. Include the link in the required field on the form.

All videos will be thoroughly examined by the Submission Team to ensure all rules have been followed.

Please note that by agreeing to these terms, you agree Richland School District Two will be able to show this video to a public audience and place the video online for online viewing.

Videos will be judged by a panel of Richland Two employees and community members. There will be a BEST of SHOW winner for elementary and secondary levels as well as one winner for elementary, middle, and high school entries.

The following issues are grounds for disqualification:
Failure to follow rules listed.
Explicit content in video.
Videos exceeding 3 minutes.
Not citing sources.
Not following the Richland School District Two Responsible Use Policy.