Who do I contact if I have a question about the film festival?
If you have any questions please contact Janine Sears, jsears@richland2.org, Brady Venables, bvenables@richland2.org or Nichole Allmann, nallmann@richland2.org.

Do I need a sponsor to participate? What if I can't find one? Yes, you need to have a Richland 2 employee to serve as your sponsor. They will support you through this process. If you are not having luck finding a sponsor ask your TLC or Media Specialist.

Do I have to use YouTube publish my video? Yes, you can choose any video editing program or software to create your video, but must share the YouTube link on your submission form.

How is copyright assigned?
Copyright is automatically assigned to the creator of a picture, movie, or other content.  
What types of photos are free to use?
Creative commons licensing makes content free for use without approval from the creator (as long as the original creator is credited and no money is generated from use).  Search for creative commons licensed images here.
Is music in my film considered for educational use?  No.  Background music or producing a movie with music for school is not educational use.  Educational use is referring to music that is applicable to the course content.  Moreover, if your video is posted on Youtube or WeVideo outside of our school network, you must have permission to use the music and it is not protected under educational use
Is crediting the author the same as getting permission?   No.  You must receive written permission from the artist and writer of the music as well as from producers, publishers, or other stakeholders.
Is there a rule about using 30 seconds or less of music being exempt from copyright?  No.  Any amount of music used, or likeness of music performed by you or someone other than the artist, must be used only with permission.
I want to do a music video, can I use a song off the radio? No, the music video must be original.

What hashtag can be used when tweeting information about the film festival? #r2filmfest #richlandtwo