Who do I contact if I have a question about the film festival?
If you have any questions please contact Janine Sears, jsears@richland2.org, or Nichole Allmann, nallmann@richland2.org.

Do I need a sponsor to participate? What if I can't find one? Yes, you need to have a Richland 2 employee to serve as your sponsor. They will support you through this process. If you are not having luck finding a sponsor ask your TLC or Media Specialist.

Do I have to use WeVideo to put my video together? Yes, you need to use WeVideo. Make sure you are connected to your Google account! WeVideo Support Center

I want to do a music video, can I use a song off the radio? No, the music video must be original.

What hashtag can be used when tweeting information about the film festival? #r2filmfest #richlandtwo

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