Steps to Participate
1. Print the parent/guardian permission form. Give it to your parent/guardian to sign. Parent Permission Form 

2. Find a Richland 2 school contact to be a support system and school contact. The sponsor is to help guide you through the process, but may not intend to help with the video creation.
People to consider:
  • Technology & Learning Coach
  • Media Specialist 
  • Teacher
3. Give the printed parent/guardian permission form to your Richland 2 school contact so he/she can mail it to the correct person. ***Cast member permission form must be complete if you have a cast in your film.

4. Start working on your script/story board. Give it to your school sponsor so it can be approved. Review these tips before starting. Use the following checklist as a guide to follow as you create your video. 2018 Film Festival Checklist.

5. Complete the entry form with your Richland 2 school contact. The school contact email address will be needed. This needs to be submitted no LATER than December 15, 2017.

6. The school contact & student will receive a submission number in an email. This submission number needs to be included on the video.

7. Start creating your video! Make sure to review the guidelines and submission rubric. You can use any video creation and editing software you want to use.

8. Publish your video on YouTube.

9. Complete the submission form with your school contact by January 29th.

10. You will be emailed if your video is approved for screening night. The event details will be held announced soon.

Don't forget to familiarize yourself with the timeline.